WATCH:  Tuesday @ 19:25 on [ED] – channel 190 on DSTV  (01 March 2016 – 20 April 2016; repeats at 22:25 on Tuesdays and several times on Wednesdays)

Siyayinqoba Beat It! is a trusted health brand that is based on telling real stories about real people that inform and empower. Siyayinqoba Beat It! has touched millions of South Africans for the past seventeen years and continues to find ways to demystify health matters. From reaching 1,2 million viewers a week through SABC1 broadcasts of our television series to our community mobilisers going from door-to-door in rural areas, Siyayinqoba Beat It! has been on the side of ordinary South Africans dealing with health challenges every day.
Our community journalists travel to far flung areas of Mzansi to tell real stories of real people using the public health system. Siyayinqoba Beat It! embraces every medium – from a television series, to community radio programmes, public service announcements, newspaper articles, community engagements, social media, pamphlets and condom wrappers.
Look out for us in your community, listen to us on community radio stations, tune into the show on television or find us on Twitter and Facebook…

Quotes from viewers!

“I like your program because it teaches us a lot about HIV – that we must know our status, stick to one partner and always use protection! Forward with Siyayinqoba!”
“Watching your show really makes me know how important I am in South Africa, keep up the good work.”
“It is a glory and honour to see you working with us, the youth of Mount Fletcher – helping those people who are still clueless about HIV infection in rural areas. Together we can really beat it!”